U.S. Transhumanist Party General Discussion Thread for the Third Quarter of 2018

U.S. Transhumanist Party General Discussion Thread for the Third Quarter of 2018


The purpose of this post is to facilitate member comments pertaining to transhumanism and the U.S. Transhumanist Party, which might not specifically fit the subjects of any other post or article on the U.S. Transhumanist Party website. This is the place for members to offer suggestions or converse about any areas of emerging technologies and their political, moral, societal, cultural, and esthetic implications. The general discussion thread is also an ideal location to suggest or propose platform planks that may be considered for future platform voting.

The U.S. Transhumanist Party will endeavor to open one of these general comment threads per quarter. This comment thread pertains to the months of July, August, and September 2018.

Type in your comments below. Please note that, to protect against spambots, the first comment by any individual will be moderated. After passing moderation, a civil commenter should be able to post comments without future moderation – although we cannot guarantee that the technical aspect of this functionality will work as intended 100% of the time.

15 thoughts on “U.S. Transhumanist Party General Discussion Thread for the Third Quarter of 2018

  1. Good Morning,

    I proposed several time to set up a new institute for Cryopreservation.

    The present companies are very expensive and the financing of the preservation is not sufficient.
    Propose to discuss the matter and set up a plant,

    1. Peter, I’d love to hear your ideas for a new cryonics company, and your ideas for how to bring the cost down, as this has been a great interest of mine as well.

  2. Is financing $80k expensive? Depending on where you live a starter Home is $300k.
    Without a reasonable infrastructure no cryopreservation will be reliable or sustainable.

  3. Greetings

    I am a student and researcher in Cyber-Security and Hacking, and the advent of strong possibility of machines and man coming to a singularity brings me horror stories of hacking garnering a fatal reputation. I have always wondered about how we could prevent “Worst case scenarios” from happening. A major goal in my life is my own company, based around weaponized robotics and cybernetics.

    “An augmented world is a better world”

  4. Transhumanism is not possible without especially strong social focus. I have talked about (indefinite) life extension and rejuvenation ideas about some people and also some gay people (who seems to value younghood very much) and almost everyone question the meaning of the idea about life extension – they see they life as pretty hard and they seem to be quite satisfied that they life will end in some moment in time. Yes, they are afraid of painful end, but generally they are quite satisfied with the situation as it is. Why is so? The only explanation is that they work life is hard, they wages are low, they can not afford very much in life, their happy hours are too short. So – if Transhumanism ideas need some reframing for gaining stronge focus, then Transhumanism should focus in the radical improvement of social economic situation for everyone. I am almost sure that technological advancements give all the resources, but the redistribution is the obstacle – capitalism, globalisation and growing inequality degrade social economic situation for the majority of people and hence there is no urgent need for surviving longer time. Yes, one can argue, that the poor people will die out and the rich people who can affor transhumanism medical therapies will survive and in such way the transhumansim will gain 100% acceptance. But is is human?

    1. I’m guessing no? I’d still like to propose a veterans affairs committee within the Transhumanist Party. This committee would address issues like failing healthcare, prosthetics, advancing science and technology to prevent harm as existential risk, and what use a military would have within a transhuman society.

  5. Zoltan ran for President in the last election. Is it possible to get the Transhumanist Party on smaller elections? Governor’s, Senators, Mayoral?

          1. Greetings, Ryan. Indeed, James is still running. Yesterday I found his new campaign website at https://www.jamesschultzstateassembly.com/. He lists endorsements from me and the U.S. Transhumanist Party, and his website has a sign-up feature that enables one to receive e-mail updates regarding his campaign. If he campaigns actively and generates respectable vote totals, this will, of course, be beneficial to the U.S. Transhumanist Party’s recognition among the general public.

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