AgeMeter Crowdfunding Campaign On – Are You Getting Any Younger?

AgeMeter Crowdfunding Campaign On – Are You Getting Any Younger?

Martin van der Kroon

AgeMeter is a project that intends to develop a functional age test to validate interventions through a low-cost, modular touch screen device that would integrate multiple cognitive & biometric assessment technologies. At this moment AgeMeter is doing a crowdfunding campaign on with the intended goal of raising $30,000. At the moment of writing the pledged amount for funding AgeMeter stands at $22,590, leaving $7,410 to go, with only 4 days left on the clock to reach the funding goal.

But why am I telling you this, and why would AgeMeter be an important tool to further longevity? Glad you asked!

The folks at AgeMeter explain clearly why it is important to realize this project:

“The AgeMeterTM device will measure functional biomarkers of participants, estimating the age at which a person physically functions, enabling researchers to validate measurements from genetic and biochemical aging interventions and reliably compare results across subjects, studies and approaches.

Many laboratories have published results indicating the reversal or delay of various biomarkers of aging in model organisms and human cells, including cellular biomarkers such as telomere length, epigenome methylation status, expression of proteins specific to senescent cells and others, as well as morphological and functional tests, such as appearance, gait and balance, memory tests, etc. Thus far, however, there has been no fully integrated approach that can easily collect a variety of different data points from human participants, reliably correlating the output to functional age and comparing this against chronological age.

Being able to easily evaluate the effectiveness of a potential aging treatment in this way will allow longevity research to proceed at a faster rate, because meaningful data in regards to lifespan effect can be gathered in the middle of a study, not just at the end.”

Elliot Small from the Center for Age Control gives a thorough explanation of what AgeMeter is:

Furthermore, the AgeMeter project has been endorsed as a reputable initiative by LongeCity ensuring, that if you wish to donate, your donation is used as intended.

Of course there are many spectacular developments in longevity, such as gene-editing, and so on. It is, however, important to remember that with insufficient research and data all these high-profile innovations are much less useful, and can even do harm. We might compare it to a patient going into surgery; The surgeon can only do his or her best work if the M.D. has correctly diagnosed the patient.

That is why AgeMeter is important, and needs your help with funding!

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