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The U.S. Transhumanist Party Will Have Its Own Conference Room at RAAD Fest 2018. Will You Visit Us There?

The U.S. Transhumanist Party Will Have Its Own Conference Room at RAAD Fest 2018. Will You Visit Us There?


Gennady Stolyarov II

U.S. Transhumanist Party Chairman Gennady Stolyarov II presents an overview of the Transhumanist Party at RAAD Fest 2017

The U.S. Transhumanist Party is pleased to announce that we will have our own conference room available at RAAD Fest 2018 in San Diego, California, during September 20-23, 2018. During the hours after the main RAAD Fest events, visitors – existing Transhumanist Party members, media representatives, researchers, and members of the general public who are curious about our positions and activities – will be able to visit the room to find out about the U.S. Transhumanist Party’s endeavors and ways in which people of all backgrounds and skill sets would be able to contribute. There will be opportunities for new members to sign up and for both formal and informal conversations. We hope to see as many U.S. Transhumanist Party members as possible at RAAD Fest 2018!

It is possible to register for RAAD Fest 2018 at the website By entering the code TRANSHUMAN, attendees will be able to save $50 off of the cost of registration.

Attendees of limited financial means – such as students – are encouraged to attend, and our conversation with Jim Strole of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, the organizer of RAAD Fest, has led us to discover that a special no-meals registration price will be offered. (Cost of meals is ordinarily included in the price of admission.)

Further Information from the RAAD Fest Organizers

– To get the special $50 discount, a person needs to register under GENERAL REGISTRATION; enter your code to get a price of  $497 with Meals.
Student Pricing: There is 1 option on the site: You cannot use a discount code with this option, as it has already been discounted to $397 WITHOUT MEALS.
– Student Registration, NO MEALS: Pricing will be $397.
We will have a light selection of finger foods in the room allocated for Transhumanist Party Members at 11.45 a.m. on Friday & Saturday at no cost.