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Dr. Nichola Conlon and James Strole Discuss the Biggest Reported Increase of NAD in Humans

Dr. Nichola Conlon and James Strole Discuss the Biggest Reported Increase of NAD in Humans

Nichola Conlon
James Strole

Dr. Nichola Conlon, Nuchido CEO & Co-founder, spoke with James Strole, Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, about what she’s bringing to RAADfest 2019:
Increasing NAD+ levels to a level comparable with people 17 years younger. 
NAD is a natural molecule found within every living cell of your body. Without it, your body couldn’t generate the energy it needs to survive or kick-start its natural cell maintenance and repair systems. In its youthful state, your body naturally makes and retains high levels of NAD. But as you age, these levels are not maintained and the amount of NAD in your body drops by 50% every 20 years. This decline has been scientifically linked to the increasing effects of aging.
Recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that one of the best ways to combat aging is to maintain high levels of NAD.
Nuchido has pioneered the use of systems pharmacology and clinical research to boost and maintain NAD. In a scientific world-first, the team achieved the biggest increase of NAD in humans reported by any scientific group.
Hear what she has to share, and meet her at RAADfest 2019, October 3-6:

To find out more and register, visit the RAAD Fest website at

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