Certificate in Transhumanism

Certificate in Transhumanism

Transhumanism Logo 7 by Rachel Edler
Transhumanism Logo by Rachel Edler

Certificate in Transumanism

The U.S. Transhumanist Party, Transhumanity.net, and the Transhumanist Party of Canada are co-sponsoring an exciting and unique Certificate in Transhumanism.

Perks for Each Student
How to Enroll

Many dedicated transhumanists have taken this course, including the following notable individuals.


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Transhumanism Logo by Rachel Edler

1. Assignment One – Students examine the 411-page Transhumanist Survey (funded by Terasem Foundation / Martine Rothblatt) and read the essay “Transhumanism: there are [at least] ten different philosophical categories; which one(s) are you?” After reading this, students write a 600-word report explaining how and why they are transhumanists, what aspects of the philosophy they find most important and agree with, and which aspects they regard as less important, and perhaps disagree with.

2. Background Studies – Students read 20 transhumanist essays (from a selection of 100+ essays suggested by the instructors). Students provide 200+ word summaries & critiques of the 20 essays. (This helps certificate instructors determine the student’s interests.)

3. Publication – Students compose four carefully researched reports. The essays need to be 800+ words in length, with footnotes or hyperlinks, and references. When the essays are complete, the instructors introduce them to editors of Transhumanist websites to obtain publication of the essays. Certificate instructors assist students in research and writing; rewrites are often required.

4. Visual Media + Social Impact – Students create either a short video on a transhumanist topic, or an audiotape, or 3 jpeg “memes”, or any other type of media or artistic product. Technical instruction is provided. Instructors advise the students on where to display their products. Students also learn to use various social media to “drive traffic” via reddit and similar online communities.

5. Summary – A 500-word summary written by the student, describing what the student learned about transhumanism and how the student intends to promote its values.

6. Certificate is awarded, with signatures, describing what the graduate accomplished.


Transhumanism Logo 4 by Rachel Edler
Transhumanism Logo by Rachel Edler

1. E-book with advice on how to increase mental capacity.

2. Introductions to transhumanist writers, researchers, editors, and publishers.


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Transhumanism Logo by Rachel Edler

Queries can be sent to hedonistfuturist@aol.com.

Phone calls, Skype/Zoom meetings, and similar communications can also be arranged.

Cost: $200


Transhumanism Logo 3 by Rachel Edler
Transhumanism Logo by Rachel Edler

Gennady Stolyarov II – Chairman of the U.S. Transhumanist Party, author of Death is Wrong, speaker at life-extension conferences, philosophical essayist, composer, poet, science-fiction novelist, YouTube video creator, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator.

Dinorah Delfin – Editor-in-Chief of Immortalists Magazine (IM), Editorial Advisor for Springer’s Transhumanism International Book Series, founder of the New York Transhumanist Party, Director of Admissions and Public Relations for the U.S. Transhumanist Party. She is also a conceptual multimedia artist and international lecturer.

Aria Cheng – Founder of Transhumanist Party of Canada, Ambassador at Humai, Former Creative Director / Project Manager at Robots Without Borders

Brent Reitze – Writer for Immortalists Magazine (IM), technologist/cybersecurity specialist, Director of Publication for the U.S. Transhumanist Party

Kimberly Forsythe – Founder of AKuaponics3D and Namaste Coin, Advisor at Lifeboat Foundation, blogger at New World Optimist

Hank Pellissier – Writer of 100+ Transhumanist articles, producer of 10 Transhuman Vision conferences & debates, former Managing Director at Institute of Ethics & Emerging Technology, founder of Transhumanity.net, co-founder of Transhumanists for UBI.

Transhumanism Logo 5 by Rachel Edler
Transhumanism Logo by Rachel Edler