Rachel Haywire – Candidate in the 2019 U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party Presidential Primary

Rachel Haywire – Candidate in the 2019 U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party Presidential Primary

Candidate Profile: Rachel Haywire

The U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party (USTP) has asked all of its declared candidates for its 2019 Presidential Primary to answer the same essential questions so as to inform the USTP membership of the candidates’ stances on key issues and provide each USTP member the opportunity to make an informed decision, including through comparisons of the candidates’ answers. The USTP will endeavor to pose the same questions and generate profiles for all of the candidates who make their intentions known to us via the Presidential Candidate Declaration of Interest Form.

The USTP has not, at this time, endorsed any Presidential candidate. Such an endorsement will occur as a consequence of the USTP Electronic Primary, which is intended to be held in September 2019. At this time, all contents of the candidate profiles are for informational purposes only, in order to contribute to a more informed membership and enable knowledge of the candidates and their positions to spread.

This profile features candidate Rachel Haywire.

Candidate Name: Rachel Haywire

Contact E-mail Address:  therachelhaywire@gmail.com

Campaign Slogan: Beyond the Center

Campaign Video:

Discuss your background and why you think it would render you an effective President of the United States.

I am a musician, event producer, writer, and model who served on the board of Humanity+ in 2013 in which I was elected via popular vote by a landslide. I brought the underground creative sector into Silicon Valley when I pioneered the Extreme Futurist Festival in 2011, which was the first event of its kind. I booked transhumanist icons Aubrey de Grey and Ben Goertzel alongside cyberpunk bands like Atari Teenage Riot lead Hanin Elias, Lydia Lunch, and Negativland. I also booked San Francisco cult favorite Survival Research Laboratories who performed a live show involving robots and pyrotechnics in front of hundreds of established transhumanists. I shifted the playing field as young artists and musicians became transhumanists due to my influence and outreach. I am in touch with people from all classes of society, speak with people from all over the political spectrum, and understand what is going on with the emerging demographic of tech enthusiasts and creatives who are building the future. Currently, I am the CEO of Avant Design, a new agency focused on bringing a unique aesthetic to both tech and media.

What do you consider to be the most important aspects of transhumanism and the kinds of impacts it should have upon the world?

Life extension for everybody, regardless of economic status. It is time to make these technologies accessible to a wider portion of society and ensure that each and every human has access to life extension regardless of their social position. It is also important to begin creating legal protections for cryonics patients in order to avoid tragic incidents of improper suspensions such as the recent incidents with Danielle Baker and Dr. Laurence Pilgeram. Additionally, I would like a deeper focus on visionary technology such as Augmented Reality in order to bring more creative people into our sphere. We need a new aesthetic that is not just for people in STEM.

What are the areas of the U.S. Transhumanist Party Platform that you identify most strongly with?

Civil liberties and individual freedom. Nobody should be left out of the future because of external factors, and everybody should have the freedom to join in the next step of the human race.

What are, in your view, some of the major problems in contemporary American society? How can transhumanism aid in resolving those problems?

Polarization. We have both political extremes fighting, and people are losing friends over silly disagreements on social media. We need a beyond-the-center approach in which people from all over the political spectrum find common ground and reunite. This common ground is transhumanism.

In your view, what aspects of contemporary American politics work well? What aspects of contemporary American politics are broken or malfunctioning?

The entertainment sector works well. Through people making videos on platforms like YouTube and sharing their ideas online, hundreds of new independent politicians have been given a voice. At the same time, the way the media represents popular issues is broken and malfunctioning. There is always an agenda or narrative, whereas we need a more open and honest discourse. I believe that the entertainment sector of politics can work to change this.

If elected President of the United States, what policy measures will you pursue?

-Life extension for all humans

-Public education on transhumanism

-UBI (2K a month for every citizen)

-Legal protection for cryonics patients

-An end to overseas intervention

-Restrictions on imperialist global trade

-Decriminalization of all non-lethal substances

-Funding for MDMA and LSD as therapeutic remedies

-Release all non-violent drug offenders and sex workers from prison

-Better jobs and pay for working class Americans

-Medical insurance for freelancers in the gig economy

-Cryptocurrency healthcare options for specialized treatments

-Funding for the transgressive arts

-Greater awareness on neurodiversity

If elected President of the United States, what changes do you hope to achieve during your first term in office? 

I’d like to increase openness and self-expression in regards to our general culture. People feel like they cannot be themselves now, and I would like to change that through working inside the establishment. Our culture is in a state of artistic decline, and it is time for a Promethean uprising. I’d like to usher in an era in which the producers of challenging content no longer feel ostracized from society. I would decrease the importance of Ivy League credentials and make way for a new establishment in which we are judged on merit, output, and skill rather than our social connections and academic upbringing.

What are your thoughts on the U.S. Constitution and its relevance and implications in the transhuman era? Are transhumanism and the current U.S. Constitution compatible?

I strongly support both the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and believe that every citizen deserves to have their freedom of speech and right to bear arms protected. There is no doubt in my mind that both of these amendments are compatible with the goals of transhumanism.

A Transhumanist campaign for President is primarily an educational endeavor. What are the key insights about which you would like to educate the public during your campaign? How would you like to educate them?

I’d like to talk to them about life extension, Artificial Intelligence (both its risks and realities), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, cryptocurrency, biohacking, mind uploading, and cybernetic enhancements. I’d like to make it so people on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum are no longer afraid of transhumanism. Furthermore, as someone with credentials on the fringe, I could dispel myths that conspiracy theorists may have about transhumanism, and make sure the new generation is aware of transhumanism through creating educational programs for the youth of America.

Given that a President would need to act on behalf of the interests of the entire population, with regard to members of the public who are either not transhumanists or may be implicit transhumanists (but may not be familiar with or use that term), what would make you an effective candidate for appealing to them and representing their interests?

I have proven experience in dealing with both the creative world and dissident politics. I am a working-class artist myself, understand the grievances of the angry and disaffected, and know how to entertain people while uplifting their spirits. I am not a boring politician who appeals to the interests of the establishment, yet I have the ability to change the establishment from the inside as a visionary with a track record of starting trends that catch onto popular culture and helping the disenfranchised feel like they are a part of the wider whole.

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