John J. Kerecz – Candidate in the 2019 U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party Presidential Primary

John J. Kerecz – Candidate in the 2019 U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party Presidential Primary

Candidate Profile: John J. Kerecz

The U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party (USTP) has asked all of its declared candidates for its 2019 Presidential Primary to answer the same essential questions so as to inform the USTP membership of the candidates’ stances on key issues and provide each USTP member the opportunity to make an informed decision, including through comparisons of the candidates’ answers. The USTP will endeavor to pose the same questions and generate profiles for all of the candidates who make their intentions known to us via the Presidential Candidate Declaration of Interest Form.

The USTP has not, at this time, endorsed any Presidential candidate. Such an endorsement will occur as a consequence of the USTP Electronic Primary, which is intended to be held in September 2019. At this time, all contents of the candidate profiles are for informational purposes only, in order to contribute to a more informed membership and enable knowledge of the candidates and their positions to spread.

This profile features candidate John J. Kerecz. 

Candidate Name: John J. Kerecz

Contact E-mail Address:

Campaign Slogan: The Sky Really is the Limit!

Discuss your background and why you think it would render you an effective President of the United States.

I stay active daily with charities and organizations, trying to keep myself in a central hub of volunteering and giving for social justice, awareness, and action. I try to work with groups that are catalysts for social movements and organizations tackling critical issues dismantling our communities globally – systems of oppression, LGBTQ+ rights, gentrification, and more.

I have over 35 years of combined engineering, technical, teaching, and supervisory experience, and an intuitive explorer’s mindset that has taken me to the edge of space (in a Russian MIG-29) and to the base camp of Mount Everest (with an artificial hip).

With this combined social, technical, and governmental understanding, I feel I have the life experiences to show this county that “The Sky Really is the Limit!”

What do you consider to be the most important aspects of transhumanism and the kinds of impacts it should have upon the world?

Putting science, health, & technology at the forefront of American politics will give future generations longevity and sustained prosperity, making a new golden age!

What are the areas of the U.S. Transhumanist Party Platform that you identify most strongly with?   

Technological advocacy and solutions to social issues such as eradicating mass hunger, solving (currently) incurable diseases, providing cheap and affordable healthcare, giving a quality education for all, and generating cheaper clean power for everyone, as these will add to the human longevity and aid our environment (climate).

What are, in your view, some of the major problems in contemporary American society? How can transhumanism aid in resolving those problems?

The major problems include climate-change, health care, and job opportunity. Transhumanism can solve these through research and educating the public. Moving into the future, not holding on to the past, gives us the technology we need to form new jobs and solves our health and environmental issues.

In your view, what aspects of contemporary American politics work well? What aspects of contemporary American politics are broken or malfunctioning?

There is not dialogue between the parties and the people of this country anymore.  We must unite and look through the smoke and mirrors and solve the real issues we need to face!

If elected President of the United States, what policy measures will you pursue?

I would have a talk with the American people and congress, emphasizing that we are facing a crisis and solving it will require a spirit of union.  I would focus on achieving a stable and productive economy; an environmentally viable planet; a humane, efficient government capable of educating its young and protecting its vulnerable members.

If elected President of the United States, what changes do you hope to achieve during your first term in office? 

I would appoint a committee of citizens — representing: arts, science, big business, entrepreneurs, tech, medicine, law, education, environment, defense, religion, farming, and philanthropy — and charge them with re-imagining innovation. I would put Americans to work on the major issues of the environment, homelessness, transportation, food supply, drinkable water, education, and healthcare.

I would focus on supporting legislation to do what every is necessary to solve our climate issues today, not tomorrow!

What are your thoughts on the U.S. Constitution and its relevance and implications in the transhuman era? Are transhumanism and the current U.S. Constitution compatible?

They both are dedicated to us having our freedom and rights to be different if we so wish, so absolutely!

A Transhumanist campaign for President is primarily an educational endeavor. What are the key insights about which you would like to educate the public during your campaign? How would you like to educate them?

Currently, an educational campaign would have to be pushed through social media, and it would have to have the facts, and known people of the arts and celebrities supporting them, because this is what today’s people listen to.

Given that a President would need to act on behalf of the interests of the entire population, about members of the public who are either not transhumanists or may be implicit transhumanists (but may not be familiar with or use that term), what would make you an effective candidate for appealing to them and representing their interests?

If I am selected, I would have monthly town-hall-style, televised meetings, allowing interactive questions from those who watch at home. This would let the people know I am here for them and listening.