U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party General Discussion Thread for the Third Quarter of 2019

U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party General Discussion Thread for the Third Quarter of 2019


The purpose of this post is to facilitate member comments pertaining to transhumanism and the U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party (USTP), which might not specifically fit the subjects of any other post or article on the USTP website. This is the place for members to offer suggestions or converse about any areas of emerging technologies and their political, moral, societal, cultural, and esthetic implications. The general discussion thread is also an ideal location to suggest or propose platform planks that may be considered for future platform voting, and/or bring our attention to emerging legislative and societal developments that may affect the course and impact of emerging technologies.

The USTP will endeavor to open one of these general comment threads per quarter. This comment thread pertains to the months of July, August, and September 2019.

Type in your comments below. Please note that, to protect against spambots, the first comment by any individual will be moderated. After passing moderation, a civil commenter should be able to post comments without future moderation – although we cannot guarantee that the technical aspect of this functionality will work as intended 100% of the time.

6 thoughts on “U.S. Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party General Discussion Thread for the Third Quarter of 2019

  1. As we are faced with some PR issues, not the US Transhumanist Party specifically, but the Transhumanist movement in general, due to Epstein, I think it’s important to not only make a statement condemning such actions, but also to take more permanent steps. This was one hell of a run-on-sentence.

    The party could adopt this in the USTP Constitution for example. This could immediately also involve the acceptance of gifts, donations, and support in a possible future of the USTP.
    I’m just creating a possible set of rules here, and obviously this is just meant to lead a discussion etc.

    “The US Transhumanist Party accepts gift, donations, and other forms of support under the strict condition that no return favors are required that violate any Article or Section of the US Transhumanist Party Constitution or the active Transhumanist Bill of Rights (v 3.0 at time of writing). This to uphold the carefully thought out constitution and respect the importance of each members vote in the process of crafting the USTP Constitution and Transhumanist Bill of Right.”

    “The US Transhumanist Party shall not knowingly or willingly accept donations from individuals, organizations, or institutions that are involved in activities that violate the law, violate or contradict the principles outlined within the US Transhumanist Party Constitution and Transhumanist Bill of Rights, or can within reason (in spirit) be considered to be antithetical to USTP values.”

    “The receiving of donations, support, or gifts by the US Transhumanist Party from individuals, organizations, or institutions is not an acceptance or endorsement of actions, or expressions of opinions or thoughts by such individuals, organizations, or institutions.”

    “In the event that there is reason to suspect that a donation, gift, or support has been received from an entity that has (been) engaged in illegal activities, or activities antithetical to the goals, USTP Constitution or Transhumanist Bill of Rights, the US Transhumanist Party shall within reason and its means investigate said suspicions or request a neutral and impartial third party to do so. If there is reasonable suspicion of illegal activities, the US Transhumanist Party shall inform authorities of the suspicions.”

    I think some more sections ought to be added to tighten this up, and wording of the suggestions definitely has to be refined.

    1. Thank you for your proposals, Martin van der Kroon. As the USTP is a non-monetary organization and does not take any donations at all, I think it is premature to develop a policy around donations at this time. However, your proposals are a matter of record now, so if and when we do transition to accepting donations in the future, they will be part of the ideas that we consider in establishing the framework around doing so.

      Gennady Stolyarov II
      Chairman, United States Transhumanist Party / Transhuman Party

      1. Thank you Gennady for your response.
        Yes, I had merely thought up these proposals for future developments, from the perspective that the US Transhumanist Party thinks about the future, like it does with many other issues and topics. Hence, the intention is to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure that we have thought of these issues rather than responding in the future as much of politics does.
        In a way I’m responding too of course, but in this case I want to take an issue facing a different entity and assume that we might face a similar situation, although I fervently hope not of course.

        Possibly a more directly applicable proposal could be along the lines of:
        “The US Transhumanist Party does not automatically support or endorse an individual, organization, or institution reciprocally to their endorsement or support of, including their possible membership of, the US Transhumanist Party. The US Transhumanist Party will not knowingly or willingly support or endorse any individual, organization, or institution that engages in illegal activities, or activities counter the goals, constitution of the US Transhumanist Party, or Transhumanist Bill of Rights.”

  2. Small preamble, this idea comes from me watching a video from the David Pakman Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob6su-CHSWc , which in turn was based on this VICE article: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pa7ay7/is-it-time-to-start-testing-presidential-candidates-for-cognitive-decline
    It is not based on any thoughts I have about any of the presidential candidates the US Transhumanist Party currently or previously active.

    I think it would be a positive and first of a kind initiative for the US Transhumanist Party to spearhead to have all our candidates tested within the party for cognitive decline and such.
    First; we would be setting a precedent, to vet our candidates, to prevent accusations of having mentally incapable candidates unfit to run for office. This could be an example that might be followed by others later.
    Secondly; it would obviously be a tool to try and prevent getting a candidate that is cognitively unfit, whether as candidate, or in a possible future as President. An ‘unfit’ candidate could damage the quality and reputation of the Party.

    I have no idea how we could effectively administer such a test, or what the questions would be, as I’m not a psychologist. I would really like to know what our current candidates think of this, and why we should or shouldn’t do this.

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